A message from your Student Guild Board (ProctorU)

Over the past few weeks the Student Guild has been in constant communication with Griffith University to help ensure that Gold Coast students’ university experience is as successful and enjoyable as possible. Recently we have been made aware of specific student concerns regarding proposals to run invigilated exams using remote monitoring software. The University has taken action to address student concerns and the Student Guild would like to provide reassurance and clarification on this issue.

There have been a range of changes to assessments in order to replace traditional in-person exams with alternatives that allow the University to comply with current health regulations. For the majority of subjects this means that exams have been replaced with an assignment or a ‘take-home’ style exam that students will complete online without a specified time period. Students should confirm the details of their end-of-trimester assessment tasks by checking their course information in Learning@Griffith or direct with their Course Convenor.

Due to professional accreditation requirements a small number of subjects still require students to complete their exams under invigilated conditions. Meeting these requirements ensures students’ qualifications continue to meet the professional industry standards that are recognised by employers. The University will be conducting invigilated exams via distance by using a secure online connection that allows an invigilator (or proctor) to view students completing their exam via webcam, and to view students’ desktop to ensure that the work is being completed under exam conditions. ProctorU will be delivering this service for Griffith University students.

Students from Griffith University have expressed concerns related to data security, privacy, and ownership of information. We understand that these concerns mirror those expressed by students at other universities intending to use online invigilation services. To address these concerns, Griffith University has negotiated a unique contract with ProctorU that will go over and above the standard terms and conditions of the service.

This means that Griffith students will have much stronger protection when it comes to data security and privacy, and the terms of service will comply with Queensland’s Information Privacy Principles (QIPP) to ensure that data will be secure and only used to ensure the security and integrity of exams (and cannot be sold on, or accessed for any other purpose).

The University would also like to reassure students that invigilators or proctors are only able to see what is on the student’s screen and they are not able to secretly view, access or record student files. All invigilator activity is viewable on the student’s screen as it happens and recorded and logged by the system.
Students can view further details about the protections in place and the University’s response to frequently asked questions here. This includes a list of courses that require students to sit an invigilated exam (most online exams will not be subject to invigilation).

The Student Guild supports the steps taken by Griffith University to allay student concerns and to ensure they have strong protections in place.

As always, should you have any further concerns or need assistance understanding what this means for you, we are here to help. The Guild takes its responsibility to support and advocate for students very seriously and can assist you by listening to concerns, explaining relevant policies, preparing documentation and attending meetings as a support when required. To access confidential support and advice, students can book a one-on-one consultation with our Student Support and Advocacy Manager here.

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