Present Like A Pro!

No matter how academically gifted, for the introverts amongst us, this molehill really is a mountain. To help you on your mission to becoming a presentation pro, we’ve compiled some research-supported tips and tricks. Types of Presentations With the rise of technology, there is an increase in flexibility with presentation tasks at university. Besides in-person

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What is Academic Success?

Academic success is a concept that looms over students throughout their university journey, but truthfully, it is a concept hard to define and unique to all. For some students, academic success is reflected in good grades (relative to the goals you set yourself), and for others, grades come secondary to maintaining positive wellbeing during study

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Post-exam care

Congratulations on finishing your exams! We hope you made it through the exam period in one piece, and were able to score some free snacks at our Refuel Study Stations. There’s so much talk about the importance of exam prep from brain foods to sleeping habits, but what about after-exam care? Your body has been

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Ace your exams

With exams just around the corner, now is the time to knuckle down and get studying! Want to get the most out of your exam prep? Then check out these handy tips that will help you study like a pro. Study station Study hacks Study Hacks Work out what you already know. Before you begin

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