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Ace Assignment Planning

Here’s a snapshot of the academic support services available to you throughout the student journey.

Suggested time

10 – 15 minutes

Level of difficulty


Materials needed

  • Planners

  • calendars

  • pens

Workshops Recommendations

Why is it so important?

These services can help you to develop the skills and offer support to help you to maximise your academic success and university experience.

The service that helps you with…


Assignment Writing & Feedback

  • Assignment Help:
    Assignment Help is a free online service only available in weeks 3-12 every trimester. This service can assist with basic proofreading and editing, assistance and guidance with referencing, basic research techniques and general guidance on university assignment guidelines and task sheets. Click here to book now.


  • Griffith Library:
    Griffith Library provides some helpful guides, services, and workshops to help you with your studies. Access these helpful tips and tools for correct referencing, click here to learn more.


Developing your Study Skills

  • Learning Hub:
    Easily accessible online content tailored to develop foundational student skills to achieve success in their studies.
    Learning topics include Master your Productivity, Ace Assignment Planning and Study for Success click here to watch this space. (Additional lessons coming soon).


  • Academic Workshops:
    There are a range of workshops each trimester to help you to develop your academic skills. Some of these workshops are conducted online and in person and hosted by the GUGC Student Guild. To find out more about what workshops are coming up by visiting our events calendar so you don’t miss the next one.


Tutoring & Mentoring

  • Mentoring at Griffith:
    Mentoring at Griffith connects student mentors and mentees via a wide range of programs that facilitate mutual learning, reflection, and growth. Click here to learn more.


Course Planning

  • Schedule Assist:
    Plan for success this trimester and learn how to map out your assignment work and exam prep to achieve the best possible results. This service can help you build confidence in your planning with one-on-one sessions, taking you through the most effective approach in the lead-up to deadlines with trimester-specific scheduling tools. Click here to learn more.
  • Student Connect:

    If you are struggling with course enrolment or mapping out your degree to make sure you are studying the right courses in the right trimesters, you can make an appointment with Student Connect to help you with your queries. Click here to find out more.


Guidance and understanding of the Griffith Policies & Procedures

  • Student Advocacy:
    This is a student support service that offers free and confidential guidance and advice. It can help you to navigate student misconduct, academic misconduct, special consideration, general complaints, exclusions and much more. Click here to book and learn more about these services


Looking after your mental health and wellbeing

  • Wellness Checkpoint:
    Get the tools and information you need to succeed during your time at university. A Wellness Checkpoint appointment can help you identify the areas of wellness you’d like to improve on and connect you to other relevant services. Click here to book now.
  • Wellbeing Workshops:
    Learn practical strategies and tips to take mental health and wellbeing into your own hands in this 5-part webinar series. Click here to access the online workshop.
  • Online Health & Wellness Centre:
    Griffith University’s Online Health and Wellness Centre is a portal designed to increase student awareness and understanding of mental health concerns and learn tips for promoting better health and wellbeing such as living a healthy lifestyle, engaging in meaningful social activity, feeling safe, stable and secure, and looking after your mental wellness. Click here to visit the online centre.
  • Counselling & Wellbeing:
    Counsellors at Griffith provide helpful tools, strategies and perspectives on personal issues related to relationships, study or work life. Counselling can help you feel better, find solutions to problems and make lasting changes in your life.
    Click here to learn more.
  • Health & Medical Services:
    Access preventative and practical help to look after yourself while you study and work, including face-to-face or telehealth consultations for all mental health nurse, psychologist and psychiatrist appointments.
    Click here to learn more and to book an appointment.
Useful external support tool.
  • Grammarly:
    Grammarly supports streamlined and effective writing. Its suggestions help identify and replace complicated sentences with more efficient ones, refresh repetitive language, and uphold accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Click here to learn more.

Don’t forget to access the right service for you when you need it.

We recommend bookmarking this Learning Hub lesson to access these links easily in the future. Another tip would be to make handy notes in your calendar that will remind you when to book the service you need and at the key times.

Access our Academic Support services at the Student Guild!


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