academic mentoring 101

Academic Mentoring 101 is a 4-week mentoring program designed to help students adapt to university life, focusing on fundamental academic skills. 

Small group sessions will run weekly and cover practical study skills encouraging all participants to share their experiences in inclusive conversations. Build confidence as you create connections on campus and get familiar with study strategies, tips and tricks. 

The Perks

  • Meet other like-minded students
  • Greater sense of community and connection
  • Skill development and enhancement

Get involved

  • No experience needed
  • Training is provided
  • Session content and material is supplied
  • Develop your leadership skills

Training Dates

O-WeekTrimester 2

Friday 7 July

O-WeekTrimester 3

Wednesday 25 October

Program Overview

We aim to supply fair opportunities for all GUGC-enrolled students. Register for the mentoring program without delay as spots are limited. For more information, please email the team with the details listed below.   

Nat Madden

Volunteer Coordinator


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