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Ace Assignment Planning

Feel confident about the trimester ahead by using our trimester planners for your assignments and exams. Learn how to unpack the prep needed week to week.

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15 minutes

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Develop your organisational skills for a successful trimester and learn how to map out your academic work to achieve the best possible results!

Schedule Assist - Step by step


Download and print the Schedule Assist tools below. This should include the Trimester Calendar, Assignment Planner and Exam Planner. These tools will help you to map out the trimester ahead.


List all dues dates on the Trimester Calendar. Add personal events (i.e., weddings, festivals or holidays) which affect your time and focus.

*Not sure where to find your course information? Visit the Griffith website to search for your course code. For the full instructions to view the course outline, click here.


From there, start completing the Assessment & Exam Planner, the more detail you add the better. See how the prep work correlates with your academic and personal calendar and events.

Break down the above assignment work and exam prep into bite-size pieces and create achievable deadlines for each piece (i.e., research, drafting, proofing/utilising the Student Guild Assignment Help service, and submission). Click here to view our example.

We recommend prioritising what is due first and considering the weight (%) allocated for the assignment items also. Read the tips & tricks on the planner for further academic support and services.


Book Schedule Assist with an Academic Ambassador for your free one-on-one appointment. Our team can guide you through the steps above. This service is available from Weeks 1-4 of each trimester. 

Download the Schedule Assist tools below!


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