Apply your Productivity Styles

Master your Productivity

What will this lesson achieve?

Leverage your strengths and make the right productivity style work for you!

Why is this important?

There are four main productivity styles: The Prioritiser, The Planner, The Arranger, and The Visualiser. We’ll look at the traits of each style and explain how you can make it work for you.

Suggested Time

30 minutes

Level of Difficulty


Materials Needed

Pens, paper/notebooks

Productivity styles are a way of understanding how your brain works best when it comes to getting things done. Productivity expert Carson Tate identifies four main styles: PrioritiserPlannerArranger and Visualiser. Each style has its own strengths, challenges, preferences, and strategies for being productive.

Adopting a productivity style that suits you can help you study more effectively, manage your time better, collaborate with others more smoothly, and achieve your academic goals. By learning how to work with your natural tendencies, rather than against them, you can boost your academic performance and overall sense of achievement.


The Prioritiser

Is someone who is goal-oriented and knows how to prioritise the most important task. They can accomplish a lot of work in a short time with their focus and data-driven approach. They love to analyse and solve problems with logic and clarity. Their study space will likely appear minimalist and will be a professional space free of distractions and clutter.

Key traits:

  • Easily establishes the order of priority.
  • Goal-oriented, consistent.
  • Comfortable analysing and solving problems.
  • Can value completing a task rather than quality.

How to make this productivity style work for you:

  • Use our Schedule Assist Tools to prioritise your assessment items into bite-size tasks.
  • Mind mapping all areas to focus on can help you identify what is a priority and what can be revisited for later.
  • List resources and key people involved in a task that can assist. This will also help you to collaborate whilst you work with others.


The Planner

Is someone who excels at managing projects with their high level of organisation, attention to detail, and adherence to deadlines. They follow the rules, regulations, and protocol of any project with precision and care. Their study space will likely reflect their practical and functional mindset, and they showcase their achievements and qualifications with pride.

Key traits:

  • Highly organised, with strong attention to detail.
  • Focused on processes, plans and practicality.
  • Easily able to detect areas of concern.
  • Can value small process details above overall project quality.

How to make this productivity style work for you:

  • Set SMART goals early on to keep your focus on what matters most.
  • Use our Schedule Assist Tools to create a custom study schedule and map out your approach to each assessment task to help keep you on track.
  • Use a productivity planner to track your academic goals and accomplishments.


The Arranger

Is someone who is a compassionate and collaborative leader who cares about the impact of their decisions on others. They enjoy working with others on projects and expressing their emotions and creativity. Their study space will likely reflect their personality and values, with items that showcase their family, hobbies, and passions

Key traits:

  • Comfortable advocating for the needs of others.
  • Skilled leader who enjoys collaboration.
  • Careful, considerate and conscious of others.
  • Can value the involvement of others above attention to detail.

How to make this productivity style work for you:

  • Join or form an academic club relevant to your degree so that you can motivate each other and exchange ideas and feedback.
  • Utilise our Assignment Help service to receive constructive feedback about your assignments.
  • Brainstorm academic tasks with other students to help guide your approach.


The Visualiser

Is someone who has a clear and imaginative vision of the future and can create new possibilities. They are not constrained by details, structure, or tradition, and they can find connections and solutions that others might miss. They have a creative and holistic approach to change. Their study space will likely feature a collection of papers, items, and collectibles that inspire them.

Key traits:

  • Open-minded, innovative and intuitive.
  • Creative problem-solver who seeks holistic outcomes.
  • Catalysts for change.
  • Can value possibilities over processes.

How to make this productivity style work for you:

  • Use visual tools such as Trello or Monday to help you track your progress and deadlines.
  • Use our Schedule Assist Tools and incorporate colours and symbols to visualise your academic plan.
  • Seek out opportunities to express your creativity and originality, such as academic competitions.

Each of these productivity styles has its own way of processing information, organising tasks, communicating with others, and coping with stress. There is no right or wrong when it comes to adopting a productivity style, so long as your focus is on which one works best for you. By embracing a productivity style and adapting it to different situations, you can achieve more with less effort and free up more time for enjoying student life!

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