Ask for Angela

What is 'Ask for Angela'?

Ask for Angela is an international patron-safety campaign helping to protect patrons from sexual assault and harassment, particularly in licensed venues. Personal violence can occur in many forms and a person may feel unsafe without it being obvious to those around them. At the Uni Bar, we are actively promoting Ask for Angela to keep the people in our community safe.

How it works

Patrons can approach Bar staff and “Ask for Angela” when feeling vulnerable, unsafe or uncomfortable. Bar staff will then take appropriate care and respect to discreetly assist that person to safety and will ensure that safety is maintained.

Support services

Support can look different for each person who has experienced a lack of safety, disrespect and personal violation. Below are support services that are available in the community and within Griffith University.

GU Mental Wellbeing & Crisis Support line

📞 1300 785 442
📱 0488 884 146

Campus Security

Campus Security can securely walk you to your car, public transport or residence at GUV
📞 1800 800 707


📞 131 114

Sexual Assault Helpline

📞 1800 010 120

Crime Stoppers

📞 1800 333 000

Wellbeing Check-Ins

Click here to book in for a free online or in-person consultation

I’ve experienced personal violence. What are my options?

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