Terms & Conditions

Beaches, Boards + BBQ


As a condition of my participation in the GUGC Student Guild’s Beaches, Boards + BBQ Rec Trip, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild, Get Wet Surf School, SUP Vertical, Australian Kayaking Adventures and Volleyball in Paradise are hereafter referred to as the ‘Suppliers’.
  • I am aware that I am undertaking these activities at my own risk and I am aware that failing to disclose relevant medical information and not adhering to the directions of any of the Suppliers could put at risk the lives of the instructor/s, fellow class members and me. I will not hold the Suppliers nor their owners, instructors, members, servants nor agents responsible for any injury or illness (fatal or otherwise) I may sustain during activities.
  • I am aware that some or all of these activities take place within a wild and natural environment and that the Suppliers take no responsibility for the behaviour of others during any of the activities, therefore absolving all Suppliers from all liability howsoever caused by other parties or any terrestrial and marine organisms during the duration of the activity.
  • I will pay to the respective Supplier all liabilities, costs and other expenses referred to in this clause, whether or not the respective Supplier has paid or satisfied them.
  • I am aware that not partaking in any or all activities run by the Suppliers is my own choice and will not incur a reimbursement from any and all Suppliers.
  • I am aware that all due care is made to ensure served food and its associated ingredients has been made available to me.


I indemnify all Suppliers, their employees, servants and agents, regardless of any negligence, against:

  1. All losses incurred by way of damage to public or personal property or for personal injury to you or any other person;
  2. All liabilities, fines or charges incurred; and
  3. All legal costs incurred (on a solicitor and own client or full indemnity basis, whichever is greater and other expenses incurred by the Suppliers, their employees, servants or agents, in connection with a demand, action, arbitration or other proceeding (including mediation. compromise or out of court settlement or appeal) arising directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with the supply to you of or use by you of the delivery of services provided to you, unless caused by the willful misconduct of the Suppliers, employees, servants or agents acting within the scope of their engagement

Refund policy

Activities can be cancelled where insufficient numbers are enrolled or weather conditions are unsuitable. In the event of the activity being cancelled for the reasons above, a full refund can be obtained from the Student Guild upon presentation of your receipt. Enrollment will be completed once this form has been completed and payment has been made. Telephone bookings will not be accepted. By filling out this form you agree to the Conditions of Enrollment and are aware of the Student Guild Refund/ Cancellation Policy detailed above.

Right to use images

I acknowledge and consent to photographs and electronic images (including, but not limited to, moving images) being taken of me during my participation in the Event. I acknowledge and agree that such photographs and electronic images are owned by Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild and it may use the photographs and electronic images for promotional or other purposes without my further consent being necessary. Further, I consent to Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild using my name, image, likeness and also my performance in the Event at any time, by any form of media, to promote Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild or the Event.


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