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The Student Guild has teamed up with Vygo to provide GUGC with a new app designed to connect quality tutors with students. As a tutor using this app, you will be able set your hourly rate, enjoy the app’s services free of charge, create a flexible schedule, build your resume, give back to your community and more! So what’re you waiting for? Download the app now to get started.

  1. Create a Tutor Profile
    Download the Vygo mobile app, create a profile, list which classes you’d like to tutor, supply your grades to Vygo, select your tutoring availability and set your hourly rate.

  2. Bookings
    Once your profile is complete, students will be able to find you on the app and request a session. Use the Vygo app to chat with students, accept tutoring requests and manage your bookings.

  3. Tutoring
    Conduct your tutoring sessions either online or in-person. Get paid through the app automatically after your session is complete.

Tutor expectations

  • If you have achieved over 70% in a Griffith course then you’re eligible to become a tutor on the Vygo mobile app.
  • Tutors must be a current Griffith University student
  • All tutoring sessions are required to be held either online or in a public space.
  • By choosing to become a tutor, you have agreed to adhere to the Student Guild code of conduct.

Benefits of tutoring

  • Gain an increased level of understanding through explaining course material to others
  • Expand your resume
  • Meet other fellow Griffith University students
  • Educate and support those in need
  • See others progress academically
  • Earn extra income working a flexible schedule


Vygo requires that students have achieved a minimum of 70% in a subject before they are permitted to tutor.

You can do both! When you’re in the app, click on the ‘Services’ button at the bottom of the screen. There you’ll be able to select between course tutoring or general tutoring (english, math etc.).

As long as your rate is not below the minimum wage, you are free to set whatever rate you’d like. We recommend you charge a reasonable hourly rate for your services, dependent upon your level of academic experience.

No. Vygo provides a free app for both tutors and students. As a tutor, you will be paid 100% of whatever rate you charge.

Both the tutor and student will need to ‘begin the session’ in order for the time to start being tracked. Once the session is complete, both parties must ‘complete the session’.

The Vygo app tracks sessions in 5 minute intervals and will pay accordingly. For example, if you charge $20 an hour and your session went for 1.5 hours, you will be paid $30.

All payment is done through the app and occurs automatically once a session has been completed. The Vygo payment system works in a similar way to that of Uber.

Once a tutoring session has been completed, funds should appear in your account within 1 business day.

No. For the safety of both the tutor and student, all session are required to be held in a public space or online.

Vygo allows you to toggle between student and tutor mode whenever you need. Simply click on the ‘Account’ button at the bottom right of your screen and then select ‘Become a Tutor’.

Don’t stress. Simply open the Vygo app, click on the ‘Inbox’ icon at the bottom of your screen and click ‘Chat with Vygo’. Their friendly staff will be able to offer assistance with any app related inquiries.


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