It’s never too early to start acquiring skills, knowledge and tips to help you get career ready.

With the competitive nature of the job market, every small step you take can help you stand out from the crowd. Register for our upcoming event to gain the confidence and insight you need to wow employers and land your dream job. Details below.

Careers & Employability Fair

Tuesday 31 August, 4.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Griffith University Gold Coast, The Link Building (G07)

Multiple locations

This is your opportunity to connect directly with employers, industry professionals, associations, volunteering organisations, internship coordinators and other Griffith advisors. Check in with as many as you can to explore your future options and create an action plan.

Uni Bar (G07)

Have questions that only someone who’s been through it before can answer? Want to know what to expect out in the real working world and where to get started? Wondering if there is anything uni doesn’t prepare you for? You’ll find the answers to these and more in our small group ‘Ask Industry’ sessions, featuring Griffith alumni.

Uni Bar (G07)

Connect with your peers (aka your future professional network) with free bar snacks and your first drink on us. To redeem your drink voucher, you’ll have to give your network a head start but we’ll be on hand to help you do it!

Food court (G07)

Drop in for a 20-minute one-on-one chat with real employers and professionals. Learn the tips and tricks to crafting a great resume, common pitfalls, and how to hone your competitive edge when applying for jobs. We also encourage you to bring a copy of your current resume for a quick review and honest feedback.

Function Centre (G07)

LinkedIn is a huge part of the hidden job market for grads and helps you connect, inspire and engage with professionals in your industry. All attendees will have an opportunity for a free professional photo with tips on how to build an awesome profile to boost your network.

Need ideas on what to wear? Click here for Indeed’s Guide to Business Attire.

Guzman Y Gomez (G07)

Check in with the Griffith Careers and Employability Team for a full run down on all the services and resources available to you as a student. Professional Careers Advisors will also be on hand for personalised drop in consultations to help get you on the right track.

Function Centre (G07)

Come along to one of our mini info sessions that will shine a spotlight on active volunteer and employability programs, support services and tips and tricks to boost your employability.

Job Ready Sessions

As part of the Careers & Employability Fair, we’ll be running a series of talks lead by recent graduates and industry professionals to educate students on the realities of a 2021 workforce. Click the headers below to learn more about each session.

5.00 pm | Drama Theatre
Presentation by Griffith Careers and Employment

This session will cover:

  • How to career plan in an unpredictable future
  • How to identify and activate transferable skills
  • How to tap into hidden job market
  • How Griffith Careers and Employment can support you

6.00 pm | Drama Theatre
Recent Graduates Panel Discussion

This session will cover:

  • Stories from recent graduates on how they transitioned out of university into their first role
  • What about work matched and challenged their pre-conceptions
  • Things uni didn’t prepare them for and what students can do now to fill that gap
  • Fitting into a team culture and hierarchy
  • Preparing for your first day

7.00 pm | Drama Theatre
Industry Leaders Panel Discussion

This session will cover:

    • Industry megatrends (digitisation, share economy, automation, gig economy)
    • What job skills will be really important in the future
    • How to become a great leader
    • Changes in flexibility and work life balance in the new digital and remote working era

Additional resources

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