Choose to reuse. Choose Water on Tap.

Not-for-profit organisation Healthy Waterways has partnered with Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild to launch the trial of a revolutionary social venture called Water on Tap™.

An initiative of Healthy Waterways, Water on Tap™ is an innovation-patented water vending machine that provides a real alternative to single-use plastic bottles. Unlike similar machines already in the market, Water on Tap™ offers chilled water for free and is the first vending machine in Australia to dispense reusable bottles.

The machine provides the option to bring your own bottle or invest in an exclusively designed (yet affordable!) reusable bottle. Sparkling water is also available for a small fee. All net profits from reusable bottle and sparkling water purchases will be donated to support the Healthy Waterways Clean Up Program, which removes floating litter from South East Queensland’s waterways.

Healthy Waterways Chief Executive Officer, Ms Julie McLellan, said Water on Tap™ aims to empower people to help protect our waterways by providing the option to choose to reuse. “In South East Queensland, plastic bottles constitute over 22 per cent of waterway litter. Plastic in waterways breaks down into small pieces which cause serious harm, often death, to turtles and other marine animals who mistake it for food,” Ms McLellan said.

The Water on Tap™ machine is now being trialed at Griffith University’s Gold Coast Campus, as well as at Redcliffe Jetty and Roma Street Parklands. For more information, visit

Water on Tap™ is an initiative of Healthy Waterways, a not-for-profit organisation working to protect and improve South East Queensland’s waterways. The Water on Tap™ trial is proudly supported by: Unitywater, Brisbane City Council, Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild and Moreton Bay Regional Council.

This article was originally published in Issue 13 of the Griffith Sustainability Newsletter – click here to view.


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