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Clubs are often described as the heart of student life on campus. The last few weeks have seen some dramatic changes and campus life is, for the time being, transitioning online. The great news is that clubs continue to be an essential part of your university experience, and many clubs are working hard to change social distancing and isolation into physical distancing and isolation. Thanks to some great initiatives, the social is here to stay. 

To get you excited about connecting online, we wanted to share just a couple of the exciting initiatives that Griffith University Gold Coast clubs have been rolling out so far.

Griffith Outdoor Adventure Club

With hiking, climbing and group outdoor adventures off the agenda, Griffith Outdoor Adventure Club has been creating opportunities for students to experience adventure from their lounge rooms. The club has already hosted two online Netflix Parties, for students to link up online and get a taste of adventure with exciting films like Into the Wild and The Dawn Wall.


Griffith Law Students’ Association

Griffith Law Students’ Association has been taking care of student welfare by sharing great content including a Top 10 Tips series on topics such as How to be productive at home and Fun things to do while social distancing. Griffith LSA is also continuing to provide professional development opportunities for members through online Q&A and professional engagement sessions with law firms.


GUGC Freestyle Chillout Club

The GUGC Freestyle Chillout Club is keeping students connected and relaxed with weekly online yoga and meditation sessions. They have just started weekly sessions on a Tuesday evening where students can gather via Facebook Live for online guided meditation and yoga. The end of the session includes the option to participate in a Zoom call for a catch-up and check-in. GUGC Freestyle and Chillout Club is also sharing inspiration for five-minute yoga sessions on Instagram to help students feel focused and balanced. 


To stay connected and take piece of campus life home with you, make sure you are following your favourite clubs on social media to find more community events and opportunities to stay social at a distance.

You can also follow the GUGC Student Guild to keep up to date or Unit Fitness Health Centre for a daily workout you can do at home.



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