Welcome to your basic guide to finding work whilst you study!

We’ve broken it down into simple steps to give you the best chance of standing out in the job-hunting crowd!

Preparing a high-quality job application is the first step to securing employment. A job application should consist of a resume and cover letter that highlight your education, experience and skills.

Resume Essentials

A resume is a document that gives potential employers an overview of your background, such as your work history, education and qualifications, accomplishments, and hard & soft skills. A resume is your opportunity to sell yourself and what you have to offer, and if written correctly, can help you to stand out from other applicants when applying for jobs.

Looking for resources to help you write your resume? Visit Griffith’s Careers and Employment Service website for example resumes, helpful checklists and more.

Our friendly on campus resume reviewers can help you polish and tailor your resume through our Resume Reboot service! Just bring a printed copy of your resume.

Cover Letter Essentials

A cover letter is a professional document that introduces yourself to potential employers and communicates your interest in a specific job. It is crucial that you include a cover letter in your job application, even if it may be ‘optional’, and that you tailor your cover letter to the selection criteria of each individual job.

Griffith’s Careers and Employment Service have a comprehensive guide to writing a cover letter that contains tips and examples of phrases to assist you to write a targeted cover letter.

If you’re on the hunt for a casual or part-time job, there are various platforms that can help you.

CareerHub is a job-hunting platform designed for Griffith University students. The platform advertises various work opportunities, including internships and graduate positions, to students from employers who are specifically looking to hire students.

SEEK is Australia’s leading online employment marketplace that can be used to search for work and volunteer opportunities. On SEEK, you can search for jobs through a variety of filters such as location, keywords, pay rate, and classification, as well as subscribe to recommended job alerts.

Make sure you filter your job search by location and work type (casual, part-time, etc.), and use key words in the search bar to help you (i.e. ‘waiter’ or ‘retail’).

The interview process can be daunting, but you can prepare for it! Here are our tips to help you nail your interview:

  • Dress to impress! Always dress professionally for a job interview, whether that be for a casual or graduate role.
  • Review some example questions and think about how you would answer them. View Griffith’s interview question guide here.
  • Do your research! Make sure you have investigated the company’s values and mission, and the key responsibilities of the advertised position.
  • Ask questions – it shows that you are interested in the job!
  • Make sure you are upfront about your study commitments and how many hours you can reasonably work.

Having a job whilst studying will give you experience for your resume; however, there are various other opportunities you can leverage whilst at university that can lead to development of your skills – and of course, will look great on your resume!

Join a Club

Joining a club (or better yet, becoming an executive member) can be a great way connect with peers & professionals and build industry-specific skills. We have a range of academic and degree-specific clubs that regularly hold both social and career-related events. You can browse the full list of clubs here.

Volunteer Opportunities

If paid employment in your field whilst studying is not an option for you, volunteering may be the answer! Having volunteer experience on your resume shows future employers that you are a passionate, dedicated and generous individual – plus, it can be a great way to explore your interests!

  • The Guild Crew volunteer program offers various volunteer opportunities for students to contribute to events and services on campus throughout each trimester!
  • Volunteering Queensland is an online platform where you can view thousands of volunteering opportunities in one centralised location. Organisations that advertise through Volunteering Queensland include The Smith Family, Anglicare, RSPCA and more.


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