Emergency support

We understand that emergencies can arise and that in times of crisis, even the simplest of tasks can become challenging. If you are a currently enrolled Griffith University Gold Coast student in need, reach out to us. The Student Guild can provide you with temporary supports designed to help you get back on your feet and ensure your essential needs are looked after.

Crisis care

The Student Guild is here to help you through emergency situations by providing free crisis care assistance. 

To apply for a $50 Coles food voucher, please call the Student Guild on (07) 5552 8724

Needing further support? View local food service providers here.

Emergency loans

Should you find yourself urgently in need, the Student Guild can provide a loan in the form of prepaid visa card for
things like transport, fuel and emergency bill payments. 

Students seeking an emergency loan must be able to repay the loan in full within two weeks, not have outstanding loans or debts to the Student Guild and not have received an emergency loan within the last month.

To apply for a $50 prepaid visa card, please call the Student Guild on (07) 5552 8724

Emergency accommodation

The Guild is able to provide crisis accommodation to students who require short-term accommodation due to an unexpected or unavoidable disruption to their existing accommodation. This short-term accommodation is available to ensure that students in crisis situations are able to have a safe place to stay whilst looking at securing long term accommodation and any financial assistance from Griffith University if required. Please note that each application is assessed on an eligibility criterion. 

To access this support, please call the Student Guild on (07) 5552 8724

If ongoing support is required, or if you wish to speak to someone about your situation, you can book a confidential discussion with our Wellbeing Coordinator.

You may also want to consider engaging with the Griffith University Welfare and Student Liaison Officer who can assist with a range of Griffith financial and wellbeing support.


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