Getamungstit is your student magazine and we are here to entertain, inform, explore, and showcase some of the incredible talent of students and staff on the Gold Coast campus. Keep an eye out for your free hard copy editions at stands on campus, or take a deep digital dive through our past editions here. 

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Past editions

The Power Edition (July 2020)
The Vices Edition (March 2020)
The O-Week Edition (February 2020)
The Secrets Edition (September 2019)
The Story Telling Edition (August 2019) 
The Avocado Edition 
(July 2019)
The Sex Edition (May 2019)
The Escape Edition (April 2019)
The O-Week Edition (February 2019)
The Fake News Edition (September 2018)
The Food Edition (August 2018)
The Earth Edition (July 2018)
The Future Edition (May 2018)
The Freedom Edition (April 2018)
The O-Week Edition (February 2018)
The Travel Edition (September 2017)
The Fear Edition (August 2017)
The Art vs Science Edition (July 2017)
The Identity Edition (May 2017)
The Nostalgia Edition (March 2017)
The O’Week Edition (February 2017)
The Summer Edition (October 2016)
The Work Edition (August 2016)
The Technology Edition (July 2016)
The Love Edition (May 2016)
The Sport & Leisure Edition (April 2016)
The O’Week Edition (February 2016)
The Green Edition (October 2015)
The Culture Edition (August 2015)
The Body Edition (July 2015)
The Music Edition (May 2015)
The O’Week Edition (April 2015)


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