The Power edition

Welcome to our first digital edition of Getamungstit – the Power Edition. What a few months it has been!
Scroll down to browse this edition’s articles. We’ll be releasing new pieces on a weekly basis so be sure to watch this space!

Editorial note​

Getamungstit is now available in digital format. Check back for weekly content.

The power of music

Music doesn't just get you pumped for the gym. Check out 'The power of music' from Mary Jo.

The forgotten power of conversation for social change

When it comes to divisive issues, it's easy to forget the power of having a simple conversation. Read more from Hayley here.

Oh no - I think I'm a hypochondriac!

Who hasn't used Dr Google to self-diagnose? Before you research that rash or funny clicking in your knee, make sure to take a look at this piece by Mary Jo.

Let's talk about Power​

Brush up on your power trivia!​
Infographic by Hayley Wakefield

On film

Geta's watch-list of power films to get you charged.


Geta’s regular online section is dedicated to finding you great content.

Being creative

'Being creative' showcases the creative work of talented Griffith students.

Feature artist:
Yucca Stone

Jasmine speaks with Yucca Stone artist, Jennifer, about the power of clay and creativity.

The Gay
Strength Coach

You deserve to feel confident in your own skin. Hear what founder, Cody Ruse, had to say about the origins of The Gay Strength Coach.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Despite what indie films might have you believe, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl isn't all she's cracked up to be.


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