Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild is very excited to announce that our student magazine, Getamungstit, has recently won a national award for ‘Most Successful Printed Publication’.

In 2015 Gold Coast students will have noticed a new-look Getamungstit on campus. Getamungstit has produced five editions this year with the final edition, ‘The Green Edition’, released last week. The magazine has been revamped to provide a professional quality publication that is entertaining and engaging for Gold Coast students. It also serves as a training ground for students who are looking to hone their writing and creative skills, and who would like to see their work in print.

A newly appointed student Editorial Team has helped drive the direction of the magazine and more than 32 students have contributed articles, photographs, illustrations, and creative content to Getamungstit in 2015. In addition to these contributors, dozens of students from the Liveworm Gold Coast design studio have worked on the publication to help the Getamungstit team create a fresh, modern magazine.

Our Editorial Team (left to right): Rebecca Marshallsay, Ashleigh Watson, Hayley Payne, Angel Nikijuluw and Erwan Guegan. Photo by Christian Nimri.

Getamungstit was nominated alongside a range of publications including other student magazines, brochures, cookbooks and more from other universities across Australia. The CampusLink Awards are offered by the Tertiary Access Group (TAG), a tertiary sector professional organisation dedicated to supporting campus organisations such as the Griffith University Student Guild. TAG represents 63 campus organisations across nearly 200 campuses around Australia.

Winning the hotly contested category of ‘Most Successful Printed Publication’ is fantastic acknowledgement of all of the hard work and talent that the Editorial Team, other student contributors and the Student Guild have poured into the magazine throughout the year. Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild also received Highly Commended in the category of ‘Most Successful New or Refurbished Facility/Building’ for the refurbishment of the Uni Bar and dining precinct.

Student Guild staff at the CampusLink Awards dinner (from left to right): Wayne Watt, Dennis Bollington, Jessica Brown and Cameron Sherwood. Photo sourced from Tertiary Access Group (

Make sure you pick up a copy of the ‘The Green Edition’ out now on campus. You can view past editions of Getamungstit here and keep up to date on all things Geta at


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