Employability workshops

In this five part webinar series you will learn how to create a plan of action to effectively develop the key skills you need to stand out to recruiters in today’s job market. Each of these interactive webinar sessions presented by Josh Farr are recorded live so you can be complete the series at your own pace.

Standing out in a 2020 Workforce

Discover how to find opportunities to grow, volunteer, complete virtual internships, find online courses that give you an edge, as well as meet a whole new community of friends, peers and future colleagues.

Topics include:

  • How to manage time productively
  • Online networking and upskilling resources
  • Top 5 skills employers are looking for
  • Creating a personal development plan

LinkedIn and Personal Branding

Learn how to master the top tool recruiters use to find employees – LinkedIn! In Australia, 70% of jobs are not advertised, that’s why using LinkedIn to build your professional network and develop your personal brand is essential to stand out in the 2020 workforce.

Topics include:

  • How to use LinkedIn in a purposeful and powerful way
  • Building your professional network
  • How to brand your skills
  • Setting yourself up for future job opportunities

Communication Skills

Did you know that 93% of making an impression is not what you say? When you meet with an employer, how will you tell your story and show them you’re the perfect fit for the role? In this workshop you will learn skills and tools to use whenever you’re having important career conversations and discover how to become a better communicator.

Topics include:

  • Practice the skills to compel employers to engage with you on a personal level
  • Understand your motivations and be moved to act on your ‘ask’
  • Take these skills to social platforms and build your ‘personal brand’

Time Management

Between news, social media, on-demand streaming, gaming and checking email, the average person loses more than 21 hours per week. This webinar will give you tools and strategies that will help you take back control of your calendar.

Topics include:

  • Reduce the stress and anxiety caused by procrastination
  • Analyze your weekly effectiveness and efficiency
  • Start mornings off strongly
  • Achieve your study and career goals

Making a Great First Impression

Don’t be caught out by the 7-second rule. Make your first impression count and get ready to impress!

Topics include:

  • Pitch what makes you unique and a strong candidate for any role
  • Practice introducing yourself in a safe environment
  • Prepare to tailor your introductions to different stakeholders
  • Next step after making a great first impression and building the relationship moving forward.

About the speaker

Josh Farr

Campus Consultancy
Spending his early twenties working as a Civil Engineer and traveling to 39 countries, Josh realized asking, “What will make me happy?” was the wrong question. One day, he instead asked himself, “What can I do to serve others?” Josh returned to Australia to work in education and non-profits with Teach For Australia and TEDxMelbourne before discovering the power of social entrepreneurship. In 2017, Josh founded Campus Consultancy and has since taken more than 10,000 student leaders from 28-universities through his workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship and emotional intelligence. He’s delivered 2 TED talks, lectures the University of Melbourne ‘Social Enterprise Incubator’ course and is a Judge for the Enactus Australia/Enactus World Cup for student-lead social enterprise initiatives. 
To learn more about Josh, connect with him on LinkedIn, or visit his website, www.campusconsultancy.org


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