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Tune in as Griffith University alumni Andrew Courtney from Plenitude Wealth guides you through five webinars giving practical advice on how to navigate the complexities of the current economic environment and set you up to future proof your own financial freedom.

Managing Money in Uncertain Times

This series overview will show you how to evaluate your current financial position and take the necessary steps to ensure you can not only sustain yourself right now but also thrive into the future.

Topics include:

  • Minimum viable lifestyle
  • Improving your cash flow
  • What bills you can postpone, accessing your super and applying for rent reduction
  • Analysing the types and pitfalls of debt available

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Minimum Viable Lifestyle

Explore the theory of minimum viable lifestyle by creating a sustainable budgeting plan and improving your financial literacy.

Topics include:

  • Calculating the minimum amount of money you need
  • Strategies to cut expenses
  • How long your savings and income can sustain your lifestyle
  • How to build your buffer for future investment

Improving your Cash Flow

This webinar will give you real world strategies on how to boost your income to get you through tough times whilst teaching you to build financial resilience into the future. 

Topics include:

  • What you can do now to raise cash
  • New ways to monetise your skills
  • The right way to ask for a loan
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Bills, Super and Rent Reductions

Take a deeper look into handling your bills, reducing your rent and whether you should access your super. This webinar will help you make educated decisions about your finances, inform you about the resources that are available, how to access them and whether they are right for you.

Topics include:

  • When it’s appropriate to postpone bills
  • How to make a case for rent reductions
  • Accessing super and setting up for a strong tax return

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When All Else Fails

What steps do you need to take to minimise the damage of having debt in your portfolio. This webinar will outline strategies to acquire ‘good debt’ whilst trying to get through financially uncertain times.

This workshop will cover:

  • How to go into debt with the least long-term impact
  • Should you take out a personal loan
  • What to consider when using Afterpay type services

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About the speaker

Andrew David Courtney, a Griffith Uni alumni, fell in love with the idea of financially educating people as a medical researcher studying breast cancer. Pivoting 6 months into his PhD led him to work at one of Brisbane’s prestigious research institutes studying development pathways whilst completing a Master of Commerce in 2012. 

He has since transitioned out of science and is now running two businesses – Plenitude Wealth & Plenitude Lend, a financial planning firm and mortgage broking business. His passion for increasing the financial literacy of Australians has led him to make hundreds of videos on Instagram, LinkedIn and is constantly working on making more YouTube content. 

Team Plenitude and Andrew’s mission is to educate 1 million Australians before Plenitude reaches 10 years in business. His vision is to educate, empower and guide Aussies to financial resiliency and to ultimately create a community of multimillionaire philanthropists who support the causes they believe in wholeheartedly. Take a quick look at his instagram account @andrewdavidcourtney for a sneak peak of how he operates and his passion for education.


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