Market day Terms & conditions

Operational Information, Obligations and Regulations

Operational Information

  • Stall holder information including bump in directions, site map with stall placement, parking options and other general information will be sent out by close of business (COB) on the Friday before each market Day. This information may change from market to market so please read each time.
  • Bump in will occur from approximately 7.30am each Market Day.
  • Marquees MUST be weighted down. This must be with weights or sandbags ( as per manufacturer instructions), pegs cannot be put into the ground.
  • All electrical equipment (including appliances, extension leads and power boards) bought onto the University Campuses by Stallholders must be tested by a qualified provider and tagged accordingly. All electrical tags must show the date by which equipment must be reinspected and retagged. All electrical equipment must have an earth wire. Double adaptors and piggyback plugs are prohibited. Power boards must have surge protection and must have the ability to be individually switched on and off.
  • All stallholders to use approved gas compliance equipment.
  • Markets are held on the grass uncovered from the elements.
  • No music is to be played from individual stalls.
  • Wet weather – The markets may not run in bad weather. The Student Guild takes no responsibility for loss caused by cancellation of a Market Day.
  • If you cannot attend the Market Day for any reason, please give as much notice as possible. Failure to do so may result in space being forfeited.

Public Liability Insurance

  • Public Liability Insurance should be obtained from an insurance company through arrangements by the stall holder themselves. The Student Guild does not offer Public Liability Insurance.
  • All stallholders are required to submit a copy of their Public Liability policy with the application form. No stallholder will be able to set up a stall without providing this proof of certification.
  • It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure that Public Liability Insurance is current and up to date, and to submit a copy of the new Public Liability Certificate when renewed at least 48 hours before the next market Day they wish to attend. It is unacceptable to provide the certificate on the day. Please email or fax it to the Events manager prior to attendance.

Site Statute

Activities on the University Campus are governed by a Site Statute and the sale of goods is an activity covered within the statute. Stalls are to comply with the requirements of the Statute, as well as the operating guidelines set out below. Site statute conditions state you must:

(a) Not use the Site, except as authorised and in accordance with best industry practices and to the University’s reasonable satisfaction;

(b) Leave the Site in a clean, litter-free and undamaged condition;

(c) Not display advertising or directional material without the University’s consent and comply with any requirements of the University about signage. All advertising or directional materials must be removed from the University on completion of the event you are on campus for;

(d) Dispose of waste and rubbish in the designated waste or litter bins;

(e) Not light any fires on Site;

(f) Not disturb, damage or remove wildlife, plants, rocks, soil or firewood;

Failure to comply with requirements of the Site Statute, will forfeit your access to the Campus, and may incur cleaning or other costs.

Obligations and Regulations

The following general conditions apply to all stall applications:

  • The Student Guild reserves the right to grant or refuse an application for a stall permit.
  • Casual traders are not permitted to offer items available from existing commercial tenants, without prior approval. Any trader found to be competing with existing tenants will be requested to remove the product line, or risk withdrawal of future permits. Similarly, casual traders will not be permitted to compete with existing business arrangements between the University and outside bodies.
  • No external operators will be permitted to operate food stalls, without prior discussion and approval from the Student Guild.
  • Operators are required to comply with any state or local government regulations or requirements, which cover the service or products offered.
  • Stalls are not permitted in areas other than those designated.
  • It is the Student Guild’s policy that stallholders should not be in direct competition with each other. E.g. we will not allow two jewellery stalls selling the same type of jewellery on campus. Different styles of the same product might be allowed; however samples or further details are required before permission is granted.

Workplace Health and Safety Requirements

All stallholders must comply with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 regulations and all subsequent amendments. Failure to comply with the Act will result in the forfeit of your Stall Permit and may lead to the loss of future access to the University. The Legislation includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Children must be supervised at all times while they are on campus. Children cannot be allowed access to areas where unreasonable health and safety risks have been identified.
  • Stallholders must ensure that their stalls do not obstruct major walkways, emergency exits or services for people with disabilities (such as Access ramps, Safety railings, Brail Paths etc).
  • All incidents (with and without injury) involving stallholders or customers must be reported and recorded using the ‘Griffith University Incident/Hazard report Form’. These forms are available from Student Guild staff.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions of the Building Warden or Griffith University Security staff. The closest Emergency meeting Point is as follows:

Campus: Gold Coast
Market Area: Library Lawn
Emergency Assembly Area: In front of G33

If a hazard, potential hazard or emergency occurs in the market area, please contact security on 5552 7777 from all telephones, or on extension 7777 from an internal telephone.

Further information regarding the Market Days at Griffith University Gold Coast Campus should be directed to the Student Guild Reception. 

Phone: (07) 5552 8724


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