Identify your Productivity Habits

Master Your Productivity

Learn how to achieve the perfect flow of efficiency without procrastination leveraging your style of productivity.

Suggested time

10 – 15 minutes

Level of difficulty


Materials needed

Pens, paper


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There are many benefits of mastering your productivity in a personal and professional setting. From increasing work satisfaction to developing skills and utilising your time wisely. Cut out procrastination, distractions and the overwhelm of getting started – once you identify your purpose, find the productivity style that works for you!

Take the quiz to find out your productivity habits

As you answer the questions below, jot down the response which most represents you. Let’s begin!


It’s Week 1 and you’ve just received your assignment due dates for the trimester. Usually, you’d:

a) Write this down and leave it in your notebook to look at later
b) Add the dates to your calendar and set reminders leading up to them
c) Check other events during this time to see if you still want to go the parties
d) Start creating a timeline for achieving the assignment work, now is better than later
e) Leave this for now, there’s plenty of time


You have a group project. In the first meeting, you:

a) Arrive late, most likely overslept again
b) Have the task sheet and example work printed – you’re ready to go!
c) Check socials whilst you wait for when you’re really needed
d) Take the lead and start delegating tasks
e) Wait for someone else to initiate the conversation


My study routine looks like:

a) Finding time between work, whenever I’m free
b) Looking at the entire week and setting time aside in my calendar
c) A study group, organising a time with friends
d) Setting up the perfect study environment and allocating time
e) Cramming study last minute (I usually forget when something is due)


My friends would say: 

a) I’m productive – once I finish everything else like house chores etc.
b) I’m organised and prioritise well
c) I’m only productive if I can collaborate with others
d) I’m very involved – with activities, clubs, volunteering or events etc.
e) I’m usually the one to forget if there are plans


I’m most productive when: 

a) I can focus on one task at a time
b) I have my to-do list handy
c) I brainstorm and talk with others
d) I’m involved with various things
e) I only have a small task to-do

Tally up your results!

The letter you selected the most identifies your current productivity status. View the ‘Your Productivity Habit Guide’ by clicking on the below to learn more about your result.

a) The Procrastinator
b) The Pro-Prioritiser
c) Super Social
d) The Overachiever
e) The Avoidant/Neglecter

Get to know your productivity style

Download the Productivity Habit Guide to learn practical steps on how to improve and manage your productivity style.


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