Mature Age
Support & Resources

If you’re looking for support, Griffith provides an extensive array of services to students, and there are many local and national organisations you can connect with. We’ve compiled Griffith based, Gold Coast based and national support services all in one place for you to refer to whenever you need.

Griffith Support

  • Transition and tertiary preparedness – The TTP Program is designed to aid your transition as a commencing student into the university learning environment and to enable you to become a resourceful, capable and engaged learner. The sessions are also beneficial if you are a continuing student and would like to refresh your knowledge and further enhance your academic and study skill development.
  • Student equity outreach – More resources to explore

Educational Tools

We’ve compiled some tools that may assist you directly, or may be suitable for those looking to learn more about diversity and inclusion. It’s important to educate ourselves on the lived experience of all the diverse members in our communities. Browse these educational resources for more information, they’re also great links to share with others!


  • Chloe Made Me Study – This podcast provides simple studying advice for non-traditional students returning to education to advance their careers. You’re in the right place if you’re a mature student, distance or workplace learner (or all three like Chloe) and studying for a degree or professional qualification.


Throughout the year we host a wide range of events to cater to everyone. Our aim is to foster social connections, build awareness and educate on important topics. Currently, we run a Mature Age Morning Tea during O-Week and we collaborate with the Griffith Society for Mature Students to deliver activities.

To learn more explore our events calendar HERE


Join a club to meet like-minded individuals, make new friends and enhance your university experience. The Griffith Society for Mature Students is a great and very active club, you can check it out here: Griffith Society for Mature Students
And you can explore more clubs HERE


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