student guild board

Your representatives

The Student Guild Board includes 10 student members who are responsible for advocating for the interests, needs and wants of the student body. These elected representatives serve as the student voice on campus.

Jordan Jansen


Kaitlin Bell

Vice President​

Anna-Louise Baulac

Board Member


Aneez Anver

Board Member

Ali Saremi

Board Member

Bianca Thatcher

Board Member​ 

Chloe Ward

Board Member

Emma-Kate Ross

Board Member

Kimberley Johnson

Board Member

Sarah McDonald

Board Member

Executive Committee

Jordan Jansen (President and Chair) 
Kaitlin Bell (Vice President)
Sarah McDonald (Board member)
Aneez Anver (Board member)
Chloe Ward (Board member)

Sport and Cultural Committee

Kaitlin Bell (Chair) 
Kimberley Johnson (Board member)
Sarah McDonald (Board member)
Munpreet Dillon (Club representative)
Laura Suttle (Club representative)
Ashleigh Cooksley (Sport club representative)
Tanja Voser (Sport club representative)

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