The Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild is governed by a Board of students elected by you. 

The Board consists of 10 student members who are responsible for advocating the interests, needs and wants of the Gold Coast student body. These elected representatives serve as the student voice on campus.


The nomination process runs from Monday 31 August –  Friday 11 September.
Nominations are now closed.


I am a fourth year law student with a strong passion for helping people and all things creative. I am an active member of the Student Guild and Wellness Warriors. I am a teacher with Griffith’s Unified Dance Club and am a member of the Cheerleading team. I am hardworking, enthusiastic and people orientated. I am highly motivated by a challenge and love to let my inventive imagination run wild. Through this role, I will ensure that you have a voice at Griffith and that your voice is heard! All of the fun, support and success you need to be the greatest student possible, I will aim to provide, from a safe 1.5m distance. Every student deserves to have a “remarkable” experience here at Griffith, and I will do my best to make it happen.

I think I will be able to contribute to the student guild in terms of my experience from previous post held during my bachelor’s degree in my university where I had served as an executive member of the boarders association for three consecutive years. I had represented about 4000 students and was incharge of conducting and hosting the related cultural and social event. I am an international student representative in the SSLC of School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. I have always strived to voice the opinions and needs of the students in which ever body/organization I’ve represented in. Hopefully I will be able to represent all the students on the Gold Coast campus to the best of my capabilities.

As an international student, I believe being a board member of such inclusive and supportive organization such as Student Guild, can intensify the cultural diversity existing on campus and also broaden friendship as well as networking opportunities among students and staff. To assume such important position is of great responsibility with other students and the community, which is the principle reason I hereby, nominate myself for this role. From my first year and so on, as an international university student, I’ve always wanted to participate of as many activities and events I could, that way getting to know more the community brought a sense of belonging and facilitated the homesick feeling that the vast majority of International students experience, once living overseas. I think it is important for all students, and specially international students to feel included and to have that support, primarily in their first year. As a Student Guild Board member, I would like to reinforce that support and create new opportunities for engagement with the community and veteran students. I nominate myself and present great commitment with the inclusion and support of all students.

“Be the person you want to see in the world.”

This has been my motivator in my university life. When I wanted to see sexual/gender diverse people on campus, I started Griffith Equality. When I wanted to find a peer that could implement change at a higher level at Griffith, I became a Student Representative for the Pride and HEDI Committees. When I doubted whether I belonged at university, because I didn’t have a career plan laid out (like I “should”), I took the opportunity to publish my confusion and uncertainty so that other “unsure” students could know that they are not alone.

But I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that without support. The Student Guild has been kind to me, and I want to pay that forward. I want to help my peers, nurture ideas, be that bridge of communication that starts change.

I also want to bring diversity to the Board. I have personally lived through sexual, gender and neuro-diversity, and have interests in cultural, religious, and disability diversity. I want to shine a light on how the Guild can be even more inclusive of our diverse communities, and how we can celebrate that diversity.

As a current third year student I felt a lack of engagement during my time here on Griffith University campus especially originating from Africa, therefore I want to aim at creating a more inclusive campus where people from all walks of life can unite as one.

Griffith endeavours for all students to have an enriching university experience, in terms of academics, extra-curricular activities and leisure. I wish to join the Student Guild Board because I want to advocate on behalf of the student body as a whole to help students attain holistic success and fulfilment. This goes beyond academics – it also involves health and wellbeing, extra-curricular or leisure activities, as well as personal and professional development. My passion for this enrichment is evident: I am President of the Griffith Go Global Club; I am an Ambassador for Global Mobility and a Wellness Warrior. I also previously held a position on the Student Guild Board as well as on the Sporting and Cultural Committee at Griffith. I therefore believe that I possess the skills, knowledge and motivation needed to be an excellent candidate for the Board.

As a third-year student, it’s high time for me to dedicate some of my time to help improve the student experience at GUGC.

I’m currently conducting a double degree in design and business. I am a big promoter of cultural and artistic events that students can not only witness but also participate in. This leads to my major policy- I believe we have great potential to run more music events and “gigs” here at GUGC. There is plenty of musical talent located here in the student community on the Gold Coast that we should be supporting! Let’s get gigs in the bar!

Basically, I’m Bernie Sanders for Bands!

Those that know me, know my advocation for the importance of student representation and the empowerment of the student voice. This voice needs to be representative and emblematic of all issues, experiences and ideals held explicitly and implicitly by students. These vary from administration concerns to guild run events, campus culture, the impacts of COVID19, job and career development and also student-political engagement. What’s most important is having an understanding of balancing the idealistic and realistic expectations of empowering the student voice to make GUGC great for everyone.

As my background is from both Norway and Germany, I have a broad perspective and believe I can be an effective advocate for a greater range of students. I’m very involved with university life and want to help create positive experiences for all students. I have been a part of the Business Leadership Program since February and even though don’t have much previous experience within this type of work, I am a fast learner and love getting involved with the cultural and social aspects of university. I’m very passionate about animals, as I have donated to several charity organisations. I also feel passionate about the environment and love activities such as beach clean-ups and the university sustainability fair. For myself I am applying here because I want to gain experience and help people wherever I can, which I believe is what the Student Guild is really about. I would be very grateful for the opportunity.

I am a 3rd year Bachelor of Science student but, due to changing majors I still have another two years to go. My broad range of academic interest has given me the opportunity to form bonds with peers from vastly different majors and degrees. I have also been a Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) leader and tutor for a year now, giving me the chance to guide and influence the first-year cohorts. You will often see me volunteering for the student guild, wellness warriors and orientation mentors for science, where I have made an effort to connect with peers and the further community. I wish to represent as many individuals as possible on the student board and keep everyone’s best interests in mind when contributing to your experiences at Griffith University.

I would like to continue participating as a board member to be students’ voice in the Student Guild.

My name is Faaizah Taiyab and I am currently in my 3rd year of studying the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics. I have been volunteering with the Student Guild for over a year, creating some of the best memorable experiences I have had. I have good professional relationships with all the volunteers I have worked with, many have become close friends. I have gained core skills, such as teamwork, adaptability, and leadership, which has shaped me to become a much more confident person. I enjoy spending my time volunteering with the Guild and seeing the progress it has made over the year. If I am elected to be a board member, I want to be apart of bringing the positive changes and impacts that the Guild has on students, while enhancing their student experience. I endeavor to bring the best of my skills and experiences to help contribute to this cause. I would greatly appreciate your vote in my favour and I would be so happy to meet all of you in person. I am looking forward to it!


Voting opens 9.00 am Tuesday 22 September and closes 5.00 pm Thursday 24 September. To vote you must be a currently enrolled Griffith University Gold Coast student.
Voting is now closed.

Successful candidates announced

The following candidates have been elected to the Board of the Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild.

These students shall hold office until the declaration of the poll in 2022:

  • Kaitlin Bell – 2 year term
  • Meghna Bhamidipati – 2 year term
  • J. “JD” Dumbrell – 2 year term
  • Jasper Oberg – 2 year term
  • Faaizah Taiyab – 2 year term

These students shall hold office until the declaration of the poll in 2021:

  • Kimberley Johnson – 1 year term
  • Llewyn Randall – 1 year term

First Board meeting

The meeting will be conducted for the purpose of electing the Office Bearers and Committee Members only (as per Student Guild Constitution). 

4.7.1  The Board shall, at its first meeting following the election of Board members: 
1. Elect from its members a President and Vice President; and 
2. Elect from its members such other office bearers and committee chairpersons as provided for in this Constitution and any Regulations made under this Constitution. 


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