Professional work experience internships are designed to provide voluntary placements for students wishing to apply their degree-related theoretical knowledge to a practical real work environment. These short-term unpaid roles present students with opportunities to explore career options, make more informed decisions on your career development and get work ready.

Program overview

Begin your experience by reviewing the program guidelines to make sure this is the program for you. Work experience internships (WEx) is different from Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in that they provide more flexibility and diversity of experience but do not provide academic credit or a formal study component. You can undertake a WEx as often as you like, whenever you like for as long as you are a Student here at Griffith. To get started search the available opportunities through our partner organisations and check the position description (PD) for details on how to apply. Some positions are competitive and require an interview so also stay up to date with our employability skills to help you land that role!

Day one of your internship the first step is to get to know your new boss, the company and the industry in which they work. To make this easy, we’ve created a simple commencement and induction worksheet for you and your boss to help set the scene. The life of an internship flies by so setting clear expectations and goals at the start will set you both up for a great experience. When, where and how you do the work is up to you to organise with your new boss provided everything stays withing the guidelines of the program like internships not exceeding 30 days. 

As your experience comes to a close, it’s important you take the time to learn what you did well and where you can improve for future career development. Receiving effective feedback, good and bad, is an essential part of this process and to help you understand your strength and growth areas we’ve developed a final review and development plan. This highlights how you have performed across essential work skill areas, how ready you are for a similar role and anything else you employer mentor thinks is important for your future.

Partner organisations

Study Gold Coast

Study Gold Coast’s Talent for Business Growth program helps businesses create internships for Gold Coast students. Take a look at the opportunities below and kickstart your career by gaining valuable experience with a local business.

For more information contact Matt Hoskins, Student Guild Operations Manager at


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