Public transport

Cheaper than purchasing paper tickets daily, go card is TransLink’s electronic ticket for travel on buses, trams, trains or ferries in South East Queensland. Pre-paid go cards are also available from The Uni Store.

We recommend registering your go card to protect you in the event that it is lost or stolen. To register your go card contact TransLink on 13 12 30.

Did you know?

You need to apply for tertiary concession fares on your go card. Click here to learn more.


For unlimited day travel it is recommended you purchase a go explore card, also available for purchase from the Student Guild. Terms and conditions apply. Visit TransLink for more information.

You will need to purchase a new go card. You can do this at the Student Guild. If your card was registered, you can transfer existing funds onto your new go card.

Expiry dates can only be modified for secondary school students and pensioners. Tertiary students will need to purchase an Adult go card then apply for tertiary concession fares. A balance and deposit transfer can be obtained by registering both go cards. Please visit the TransLink website for more information.

Go to Tertiary Concession Fares and click on ‘South East Queensland students – using go card’. You will need to register your card and then apply for concession rates. You will be contacted (email or SMS) once you have been approved for concession rates which may take up to 14 days.

You will be charged adult prices.

It really depends on where you will be travelling to and from, and how often. Visit TransLink and enter your travel details into the Journey planner. This will tell you the fare for that route. As a rule of thumb, we suggest $20 as a starting amount

TransLink require a deposit of $10 for an adult card with a minimum top-up of $5.00.

Firstly, ensure your go card is registered in your name. A refund can then be obtained from selected retailers (the Student Guild is not a selected retailer for refunds). Visit and search for your closest retail provider.

Call TransLink on 13 12 30 or register online at TransLink.

Visit the TransLink website and use the Journey planner to find out how to get between your accommodation, the University, shops, other local attractions and services. This useful online tool incorporates buses, trains and trams in South East Queensland and can give you options to get to and from your destination. It displays the route, time and cost of your journey.


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