Shape YOUR GC experience

Have you ever wished a specific service or facility was provided on campus? Well now is your chance to make that a reality by having your say in our Student Life Survey which ends this Friday 31 July.

Why complete the survey?

Well, we all know that being a student comes with a heavy workload and pressure to balance all aspects of life including health and fitness, study, socialising, work and self-care just to name a few. That’s where the Student Guild comes in. We are here to assist you in any way we can to lighten the load and make your time on campus as enjoyable as possible.

This is where we need your help…

We want to re-shape our student life offerings at the Gold Coast campus to ensure we are providing the most relevant and useful services possible. Your ideas and feedback on our current services and facilities will help us gain a better idea of what is most important to YOU.

Whether you want help with study, meeting new friends, boosting your CV, support with mental health, or something else, the Student Guild is hear for you. Click the button below to take our short 10 minute survey and have your voice heard. As an added bonus, we’ll also be giving away $5,000 in cash prizes next week to our survey respondents.

Together we can make the Gold Coast campus even better. Have your say now:

Have your say

We’re also searching for 100 student volunteers who want to take a personal role in shaping the future of the Gold Coast student experience.

We will be doing a deep dive to better understand your individual opinions and ideas that were shared in our survey. There is no one unsuitable; to get the best results we need our event regulars alongside those who’ve never taken part in a student activity.

Volunteers will share their views via an online forum once a day for five days beginning next Wednesday 29 July. Log-in times are completely flexible. Register your interest via the link below.

We will confirm participants by 12.00 pm this Tuesday. Participants will have a chance to win additional prizes up for grabs!


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