Active Boxes

Active Boxes are a free service that can be accessed at any time to play sport, do a workout or enjoy being physically active with friends.
Each box is different and offers a range of equipment for you to choose from, including sport equipment, agility ladders, body weight exercise equipment and more!

How do I open an Active Box?

  1. Scan the QR code
  2. Fill out the form found here
  3. Use the code from the confirmation screen to open the box
  4. Use equipment
  5. Put the equipment back
  6. Lock the box back up

Where are the Active Boxes located?

Active boxes are located at The Pavilion (G32).

What's in the box

Check out the equipment list for each box!

Workout inspiration

Spice up your workout routine and follow along a Uni Fitness program.


Find answers to out frequently asked questions below.


Need help? Email Ashleigh Cooksley at or call (07) 5552 7336.


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