Tax support

Do you require a tax return this year? Access free advice from Griffith University taxation students under the supervision of experienced tax practitioners.
This friendly, free-of-charge service is brought to you by the Student Guild in partnership with the Griffith Tax Clinic in Logan. 

The Griffith Tax Clinic can assist with:

  • Tax advice
  • Responding to an ATO notice
  • Reporting meetings and filing requirements
  • Applying for remissions of penalties
  • Negotiating a payment plan
  • Computing tax liability
  • Tax law, your rights and obligations
  • Tax returns

Virtual clinics

The Griffith Tax Clinic has opened its doors virtually. If you would like to make an online appointment with the Griffith Tax Clinic please click the button below to submit a registration form:

Alternatively, if you would like to become a Griffith University student tax advisor and further your studies by gaining invaluable industry experience please click on the link below to learn more and register your interest.


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