12 Instagram accounts you should be following
We are going to go out on a limb and suggest that unless you are in a very small minority, checking your Instagram feed is one of the first five things you do when you wake up in the morning.

If not, we commend you for resisting the pull of the all-powerful shiny screen-overlord. But if you’re like us and you reach for your phone before you reach for a clean pair of undies, then it’s time to do yourself a favour and find yourself some new content. The Geta Editorial Team members have volunteered some of their favourite Insta accounts to help you find some fresh and exciting pics to wake up to.

1. @natgeo
National Geographic is here to remind you that there is a big, beautiful, badass world out there worth exploring. If you love NatGeo you can add speciliased streams to get more of what you love such as @natgeoadventure, @natgeocreative and @natgeotravel.

2. @seanscottphotography
Based out of Burleigh, Sean Scott has built his reputation around his stunning local surf photography. This account offers more than pristine barrels though, with a diverse range of beautiful coastal environment pics from all around Australia.


3. @satiregram

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words… and sometimes a snarky sentence can sum up the thousand pictures of acai bowls, life saving coffees and friends in the bathroom mirror you have endured this week.



A photo posted by euzcil castaneto (@satiregram) on

4. @cityofgoldcoast
In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a pretty spectacular place. Whether you are looking for an urban adventure, a beach side break or to head into the hinterland, this feed will get you off the couch and excited to explore your own backyard.


5. @manrepeller
Run by the very funny, Leandra Medine, Man Repeller delivers creative fashion with a sense of humuor. While the pics on their own are worth a follow the account also feeds back to Man Repeller’s killer blog.



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6. @dogsofinstagram
It doesn’t really need much explanation but Dogs of Instagram is essentially just a display of canine cuteness designed to make you feel good and say ‘aawww’. Fill your feed with feel good content.


7. @cravegoldcoast
Crave Gold Coast delivers you food porn that will leave you drooling for days. And you can indulge in as many of these tasty delights as your budget will allow because this foodie heaven is collated from the best restaurants and cafes right here on the Coast.


8. @peachlings
Peachlings is a lifestyle account from Bec Nolan that has a beautiful, clean aesthetic. Regular features include dreamy beach shots and her very cute dachshund.



A photo posted by Bec Nolan (@peachlings) on

9. @textsfromyourexistentialist
When you have had enough of sunrises, puppies and positive affirmations Texts from Your Existentialist is here to bring you back to reality and enable your apathetic desire to wallow in existential despair. Dark and very funny.


10. @beautifuldestinations
We really can’t get enough travel stoke and Beautiful Destinations offers a healthy dose of that. Daydream your tram trip away with gorgeous destinations delivered daily.


11. @yoyoha
Josh Hara is a talented cartoonist who creates works of art on coffee cups. His detailed and quirky designs will leave you feeling distinctly underwhelmed next time your take away coffee comes with a simple smiley face.



A photo posted by Josh Hara (@yoyoha) on

12. @leesamantha
Samantha Lee showcases her incredible talent turning food into art. She started making food art to tempt her children to eat their food but really, are you ever too old to enjoy seeing your food served up with a face on it?



A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on


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