It’s time to vote. It might not get you as excited as the Doctors and Nurses Party or as pumped as the DJ Comp but this week delivers one of the most important events of the year on the Student Guild calendar – the Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild Board elections. The students elected to the Board will determine the future direction and activities of the Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild. So take five minutes this week to decide whether it will be a student Trump or student Clinton speaking for you on campus.

Voting will run from 10.00am Tuesday 11 October to 4.00pm Thursday 13 October.

Why should I care?
Because the Student Guild takes care of almost everything you experience at university outside of academic services. From clubs, parties and events to student advocacy, shops on campus, the fitness centre, academic assistance and more, the Student Guild has you covered.

Your student representatives on the Student Guild Board represent you. They are your voice and they will be working to ensure that the services on campus meet the needs and interests of the Gold Coast student body.

And this is run by students?
The Student Guild Board is comprised of ten student representatives who assist with the strategic direction, affairs and finances of the Student Guild. The day to day operations of the Student Guild are managed by a team of professional staff.

Who are the candidates?
There are 11 candidates running for seven vacant positions. You can find out more about the candidates and what they stand for at Elections. The candidates will be out and about on campus during the week. Instead of avoiding eye contact and mumbling something about being late for a tute, ask them why they are best placed to represent you… What do they stand for? Why do they want to be your representative on the Board?

Am I eligible to vote?
If you are enrolled as a student of the Griffith University Gold Coast Campus then yes, you are eligible to vote. Voting is voluntary but you are strongly encouraged to take just a few minutes to make this important contribution in the student election process. The Board Members elected this week will shape student life on campus for the next two years.

How do I vote?
Voting is by secret ballot and you may only vote once. All you need to do is stop by a polling booth between 10.00am – 4.00pm with your student card on hand to verify your identity. Booths will be open at the following locations:

Tuesday 11 October: G07 & G39
Wednesday 12 October: G07 & G02
Thursday 13 October: G07 & G40

I want to know more…
Serving on the Student Board is a big responsibility. If this has fired up the political monster inside you, you can find all of the nitty gritty details including the constitution, past minutes and the annual report at Elections.


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