Understand the Task Sheet

Ace Assignment Planning

Learn how to deconstruct and interpret assignment rubrics, to best prepare you for academic success.

Suggested time

15 minutes

Level of difficulty


Materials needed

  • Pens
  • Highlighters 
  • Copy of assessment rubric/s
  • Cognitive Verbs Guide

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Being able to tackle your tasks confidently, and successfully is so rewarding, but understanding how to do that is a skill. Apply these steps and be set up for success, for every task sheet, every time.

Deconstructing the Task Sheet


Identify the Facts!

First, it’s important to locate and read through the course profile. Click here to search for your enrolled course. Be sure to select the correct Teaching Period (e.g. Trimester 1, 2023). Once your Course Profile has loaded, select Assessment Plan in the left toolbar. All the assessments will be listed on this page in both a summarised and detailed format.

Dissect the task sheet by following the guide below. Key things for you to draw attention to would be marking value and key cognitive verbs being used.




Due Date

Assignment: Lesson Plan & Rationale


29/01/2023, 11:59pm


Time to Deconstruct!

Cognitive verbs are the instructional component of any task (i.e. identify, evaluate, create, etc.). Using the Cognitive Verbs Guide, which has all the verbs and their meanings, identify all of the cognitive verbs in your task. After you’ve highlighted the cognitive verbs, make a checklist of what you need to do breaking down the task.


What’s it Worth?

Understanding how many marks each criteria is worth is also significant in how you should approach, structure, and execute an assessment. While the lower-valued criteria shouldn’t be neglected, it is important to allocate the appropriate resources (including word count, research, and time) to the higher-valued criteria.


Griffith University recommends studying for 1 hour per credit point (i.e. a 10CP unit means 10 hours of study per week), so we recommend using this as a guide for structuring your study and assignment writing.

Our Recommendation:

Be sure to ask all questions to your tutor during the teaching period, to ensure you have as much information for your task as possible. If you need support with structural guides, you can access information on the Griffith Library website. Alternatively, you can access our free academic service, Assignment Help, to receive custom feedback and guidance.

Download the Task Sheet tools below!


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