​Sick of your exams taking their toll on your sanity? Want to stay balanced and grounded amidst the end of semester chaos? Then try one (or all!) of these tips to survive and thrive. Your grades will thank you for it later!!! And if you don’t “think” you have time, you need this list even more…

  1. Hit the mat – Ground, centre and breathe with yoga asanas. Get out of your head, and connect with your body. But don’t worry, it’s not as new agey as it sounds. In fact, it’s totally addictive! Feel your tension literally shedding away, being replaced with a lighter and more energised feeling for you to conquer those exams.

  2. Eat well – Prioritise a little time to plan, shop and cook your meals. You’ll save time (and money!) in the long run. Forget scrambling around on campus trying to find a bite to eat. Rock up to your exams cool, calm and collected with your food already sorted. Think plant-based wholefoods for optimal outlook, mood and energy.

  3. Get a good sleep – We all love it, but what is our sleep quality actually like? Especially at times of extra stress??! While we’re asleep, our brain is preparing for the next day. So make sure those eight or so hours between the sheets are quality. Reflect on how you wind down before bed. Is a technology vacation needed? Experience what being really, truly rested feels like.

  4. Book a massage – Treat yourself to a massage. Your body will thank you for it later! Either pre or post exam is great. And don’t worry about the cost, you’d easily spend that on a night out. A massage will help you to relax and get rid of stored stress, tension and emotions. You’ll float out feeling like a new you.

  5. Declutter your space – The external affects the internal! How much easier is it to think when your desk is neat and orderly??! Devote a little time to decluttering your space (and life!) and reap the rewards of reduced stress and a more productive existence.

  6. Positive influences – Listen to uplifting music, have upbeat friends, contemplate inspirational quotes – there are many simple ways to bring positive influences into your life. Be inspired to be a better you, and that exam stress just won’t seem that bad!

  7. Spend time in nature – Hit a hiking trail or waterfall, or go sit by the beach. Getting out in nature brings great harmony to our emotions and mind. Bring a notepad to journal or make some to-do lists to get your thoughts in order. You’ll feel grounded and refreshed from your mini vacation, having had time to digest the many thoughts that are running through your mind.

  8. Find your purpose – Notice how you feel invincible when you have a purpose??! Find your purpose, and act on it! If you’re still looking, that’s ok too. That’s what life is all about, finding ourselves. You’ll be able to conquer anything and handle all the stress in the world if your actions are fueled by real purpose. In your journey ahead, don’t be afraid.

  9. Meditate – More than just sitting silently, and emptying your mind. Meditation means to see past all the clutter in your mind, be unaffected by it and tap into deep and lasting peace and happiness. Imagine feeling like that walking into an exam? You can with practice! But practice is the key.

  10. Establish a routine – All of the above only work, if they become part of your routine. So start today (now), by picking one or a few of the above and adding them to your week. If you don’t think you have time, pick more! Don’t start tomorrow, it never comes. Start today! Feel invincible at exam time with these tips. But they have to be done, not just read. They will be the best investment you’ve ever made!

This article is courtesy of our student magazine Getamungstit – keep an eye out for your free copy on campus.


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