Appeals & advocacy

If you wish to make an appointment with the Student Guild’s Academic Advocacy Team, simply click the button below and email any relevant documentation to prior to your appointment. All information submitted with this booking form is confidential.

The Student Guild offers a Student Support and Advocacy service to provide students with confidential advice and support. This service can assist with the following:

  • Review or appealing grades and assessment related decisions
  • Academic standing, exclusion, probation and readmission after exclusion
  • Responding to allegations of student misconduct (including plagiarism)
  • Enrolment and attendance decisions
  • Special consideration and withdrawal after census date applications
  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying

The Academic Support Coordinator can help an individual student by:

  • Meeting and listening to student concerns
  • Advising and explaining relevant university policies and procedures
  • Providing information via face-to-face, email or telephone
  • Providing information on appropriate applications and supporting documentation
  • Reviewing and assisting in preparing documents for a review or appeal
  • Assisting students to prepare for meetings
  • Attending meetings with students (not on behalf of students)


All services are confidential and anything you say or do will be kept in the strictest confidence. When you provide permission for us to act as a support for you, we will pass on only the information that is required to help resolve your issue or concern. Details of confidentiality can be discussed further during your meeting with the Academic Support Coordinator.


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